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EMMXX is based in the Aalborg region in the north of Denmark, and partly in the Glasgow region of Scotland. The primary focus is on the EU's growth strategy, Europe 2020.

EMMXX has worked and established interests ranging from the UNs Agenda-21 to the EU 2020 Strategy (PDF format) in particular the Flagship Initiative, Innovation Union, the Societal Challenges and the funding mechanism, Horizon 2020.

Some of the components which are part of 2020 , particularly in regard to the Societal Challenges, sustainability, SME enablement, procurement strategy, innovation and capacity building and funding opportunities at EU level are of particular interest to the company.


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Commission Priorities

The priorities of  the 2020 Strategy are fivefold: To raise employment rates; more investment in R&D; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; reduce proportionally early school leavers and reduce poverty levels.

These priorities are fused throughout all action areas and give a more holistic forward-thinking "feel" to EU long-term thinking.

In simple terms, the EU Commission wants to achieve a more innovative (smart), sustainable, competitive and thriving economy. It seeks higher employment, innovation, especially from SMEs and R&D institutions, leading to competitiveness, education, social dignity and sustainability, including climate change mitigation. These are broken down further into seven flagship initiatives, which includes Innovation Union with potential funding through Horizon 2020.

Putting together a Competitive Project 

EMMXX can draw on a network of specialist advisors in all areas to ensure expert input into  your process.

  • Identify the challenge, possible gaps, and next steps;
  • Evaluate and plan, work backwards, reaffirm what is required;
  • Implement the strategy, perform necessary actions, check steps as proceeding, keep accurate records of your work;
  • Re-access, interpret results in terms of the original challenge, determine gaps and further techniques that will work.

Recent Experience

EMMXX has been involved in a number of EU focused projects.